About Us

Starlight Woods was started September of 2011. After a summer of crazy storms our neighborhood was littered with fallen tree branches. With the power out for a week from the latest storm we were left with a lot of time on our hands. My girls and I have always been very creative and love using found objects to create with. All the fallen tree branches seemed destined to be used. We started out making key chains, painting, decoupaging, stamping, we would sit at our kitchen table for hours creating. The more we made the more my thoughts went to new things we could make, necklaces, rings, studs.... and from there our project to pass time became our family run business. 

Soon after we started creating, I found Etsy, an online marketplacce for handmade. I quickly opened up a shop and started listing our pieces. About 6 months later, we were contacted by Real Simple magazine, they wanted to feature one of my rings in their August 2012 issue. This is when my dreams for my small family run business grew in leaps and bounds. My passion was in full force, working all hours creating and building my inventory all while working another full time job. I was without a doubt burning the candle at both ends. After a year of insanity I finally decided in September of 2012 that it was time to quit my day job and focus full time on Starlight Woods. 

I now sell at Etsy wholesale to 20+ stores throughout the US and international. I am also part of Etsy wholesale a new division of Etsy still in BETA. 

Interested in buying Starlight Woods Wholesale? 

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